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The monthly European Industrial Pharmacists’ newsletter • May 2020

Technology & Production
Looking for the solution against Covid-19

The search for a solution against Covid-19 sees researchers from all over the world looking for new drugs, remodulation of already approved medicines and development of a safe and efficient vaccine. But many are the still open questions wating for an answer from clinical research

Politics & Business
New M&A dynamics in an uncertain Covid-19 environment

The post-Covid opens many new opportunities in the filed of pharma M&A deals, expecially for larger pharmaceutical companies or spin-off creation, due to the global economic crisis consequent to the lockdown that might accelerate the transition of many no more sustainable businesses

How the EU Commission and the European medicines regulatory network are handling the Covid-19 emergency

EMA, the EU Commission and the network of national competent authorities jointly acted to accelerate drug and vaccine development against Covid-19. A summary of the main actions

Focus on EU's Countries
Pharma workforce is moving forward post Covid-19

The Covid-19 has deeply redesigned the job market and the skills pharma worforce is expected to possess to face a still uncertain future. Analysis are available from consultancy firms on how CHROs should look at the new scenarios to sustain both business activities and the need for some employees to find a new position

EIPG: Consultations on Annex 21 and Annex 1, PharmSci podcast

EIPG aims to ensure that will influence the evolution of EU regulations and guidelines concerning standards of quality, safety, and efficacy of medicinal products. Important consultation calls seek the views of targeted interested parties on specific issues. Professor Gino Martini, Chief Scientist for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Great Britain talks about the latest issues, innovations and developments in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and research


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