EIPG Newsletter

Inequalities in the access to healthcare in Europe

The Synthesis Report and Country Reports elaborated by the ESPN examine the current inequalities in access to healthcare in 35 European countries and provide possibile actions to be taken both at the central and Member States level to improve a fair access to cures for all citizens

New Q&As on safety features from the EU Commission

The 12th edition of Q&As on safety features for medicinal products for human use discuss the cases when it is possible to reseal the pack with a new anti-tampering device, or to place a new sticker to cover the previous one. Adoption of safety features for prescription medicine will become compulsory starting from 9 February 2019

EU Commission: harmonised standards to eliminate technical barriers to trade

A Communication from the EU Commission discusses actions in the field of harmonised standards needed to eliminate technical barriers to trade and achieve a true 'Single market'

Latvia: Cardioprotective compound GX-EG has entered phase I clinical trials

The new cardio protective inhibitor of GBB-hydroxylase GX-EG discovered by a research group from Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) has completed GLP toxicology studies and has entered phase 1 clinical phase. A brief report on the development of the project, started in 2010

EIPG: Survey on satisfaction from EIPG’s monthly newsletter – We want your feedback!

EIPG calls members to respond to the survey on satisfaction of the newsletter, after the first year of implementation of the project. Also find updates on EIPG's webinars and the pending Brexit procedure. Members can provide their comments to the proposed guideline on Quality of Water for pharmaceutical use

EMA opened a consultation on the use of patient registries for regulatory purposes

Patient registries might provide a great amount of data useful for regulatory purposes. The European Medicines Agency has published a Discussion paper and a consultation is open up to 30 June 2019 to better evaluate how to exploit this opportunity

How to manage the data integrity risks

The management of data integrity risks is fundamental to ensure data are correctly handled during the entire process of pharmaceutical manufacturing. An effort that is facing the increasing complexity of IT systems

Finland: The pharmaceutical industry expects the future government to invest in health and research

Pharma Industry Finland calls the future government to invest in health and research to increase the competitiveness of the country. Flexible financing models, a single HTA body and an improved environment to support clinical R&D are among the suggestion of the local representatives of the pharmaceutical industry

EIPG: J’accuse? No, I believe!

EIPG's president Claude Farrugia comments on recent hot topics that might impact the pharmaceutical sector and gives his suggestion to encourage collaboration among all stakeholders. EIPG's member are called to express their opinion on the monthly newsletter. While the set up of the Advisory Group on the Education of Industrial Pharmacists continues, EIPG's representatives contributed to the MOGLYNET Summer School with lessons on the application of GMPs and GDPs

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no Brexit?

After the approval of the withdrawal agreement by the European Council, in UK the Parliament's vote has been postponed and the chaos is prevailing. All possibilities are currently open for the Brexit, just three months before 29 March 2019. A summary of latest events.