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The EU’s Partnership Proposal for Health Innovation

The EU’s Partnership Proposal for Health Innovation is an intermediate state in the discussion of the new framework for research and innovation between the EU Commission and industrial Associations. The final form of the document defining the future layout of institutional partnerships is expected to be defined in Autumn 2020

Europe goes for real-world studies and GMO vaccines

The EU Commission and EMA have announced their strategies to support real-world studies and development of gene-modified vaccines to fight Covid-19

How the pharmaceutical market will look like in 2026

Despite the Covid-19 emergency stopped many R&D activities, the pharmaceutical market is still expected to grow up to 2026. Oncology shall confirm its leading position, and many new interesting products shall exit the pipelines

Italy: How AFI continued its activities in the last few months 

EIPG's vice-president and AFI's national delagate Piero Iamartino explains how AFI's activities have continued during the Covid-19 emergency

EIPG: Upcoming and past webinars

On the 7th of October, Dr Sheuli Porkess. will deliver an EIPG’s – PIER’s webinar entitled “How a pandemic has affected the pharma industry”. Earlier in September, at an EIPG – Tecniche Nuove webinar Dr. Francesco Boschi, summarized the most relevant comments to the V12 draft document of Annex 1 (appendix of Eudralex Vol. 4 EU GMP) as developed by the EIPG national working groups. Professor Gino Martini, Chief Scientific Officer for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Past-President of EIPG was the main speaker to a joint EIPG & EPSA webinar “Innovation and the Pharmacist – putting pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare”

EIPG webinars offer Continuous Education to Industrial Pharmacists

The 2nd EIPG webinar of 2020 was held on August entitled “Consultation on Annex 21: Importation of medicinal products, of the Eudralex Volume 4”. The upcoming “Chat with Professionals” event organized by EPSA will take place on 8th of September 2020 and is entitled: “Innovation and the Pharmacist” with invited speaker, Professor Luigi Martini, Chief Scientist for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Great Britain and past president of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group

Ireland: RCSI researchers find potential new way to improve treatment for Von Willebrand disease

An article by the Irish research group led by Dr Jamie O'Sullivan discusses the first in vitro data obtained with a new modified molecule aimed to treat Von Willebrand disease and developed under the SFI-Pfizer Biotherapeutics Innovation Award Programme

The double face surface chemistry of Janus particles

Janus particles are micro- and nano-objects characterised by having their two halves made of completely different materials. This allows for a peculiar behaviour, for example having both a hydrophilic and hydrophobic moiety within the same particle. Janus particles are under study to develop selective drug targeting strategies

The industry asks for a mutual recognition agreement between the EU and UK

The pharmaceutical industry representatives support the negotiation of a mutual recognition agreement between the EU and UK in order to ensure proper governance of the production and distribution of medicinal products on the two sides of the Channel under the different possible scenarios foreseen for the final phase of the Brexit

Lessons learnt and preparedness for the second-wave pandemic

The associations of the pharmaceutical industry EFPIA and Medicines for Europe published some documents focusing on the lessons learnt during the Covid-19 emergency and the considerations and suggestions on how to better face a possible second-wave pandemic