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EIPG: Reflections and initiatives

A look back on the year in reflection message by the president of EIPG. Medicines shortages are a multi-factorial issue that can have multiple root causes such as manufacturing and quality issues, economic related issues and supply chain issues. Supply chain stakeholders, having patient’s health as the primary objective, are committed to avoid and mitigate the issue of medicines shortages. EAHP is concerned by the increasing burden of medicines shortages in European hospitals, as well

EPO: Patents to boost SME’s competitiveness and success

A recent report from the European Patent Office indicates patents are critical for European SMEs to find new partnerships and pursue the commercial exploitation of their innovation. Customers and clients are the preferred partners, and licensing agreements the more frequent form of collaboration

How smart labelling solutions can benefit Pharma and Healthcare Industry

Smart labelling solutions can support all the different passages of the integrated pharmaceutical supply chain, from clinical development and production to hospitals and pharmacies. Various types of smart RFID tags are available to suit every need and to exactly track each single medicinal pack, with a much higher efficiency than that possible using barcodes

Revised guidelines on the use of genetics and genetic testing in health care

The World Medical Association revised its Reykjavik Declaration on the use of genetics and genetic testing to include latest scientific developments, their impact on patients and how these are informed through the informed consent. WMA also indicates its opposition to germ-lines modifications using these techniques

Pharmacists in Medical Affairs: roles in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK

The UK pharmaceutical industry represents a very interesting job environment for pharmacists, where  there are many opportunities for career development. Roles that were traditionally done by medical doctors are now open to  pharmacist

EIPG Webinar: The EDQM Inspection Programme

Dr Sotirios Paraschos, EDQM inspector, will held on 10th December the EIPG-Tecniche Nuove webinar "The EDQM Inspection Programme". All EIPG members are invited to register to the seminar from the dedicated web-page

Last webinar of the year and other news from EIPG

The European Commission has recently published Guidelines on GCP specific to ATMPs and an aide memoire for GDP inspection of wholesalers’ compliance with Commission Delegated Regulation. Past and upcoming webinars, and other news can be found at EIPG’s website, while past presentation slides and webinar recordings can only be found, at website’s members’ area

A report on the EU Public Health Policies

The report from the European Commission shall sustain the new ENVI Committee of the EU Parliament to set priorities of action in the healthcare field, according to the Mission Letter received by Commissioner-Candidate Stella Kyriakides

How UK’s science is preparing to afford the post-Brexit

The Smith-Reid independent report and the many proposals from UK’s science associations focus on how to deal with the post-Brexit transition, safeguarding the possibility to attract talents and investments and maintaining the level of excellence of UK's scientific framework

EMA’s view on method validation

Experts from the European Medicines Agency discussed in a paper published in Clin. Pharmacol. & Ther. their views on the validation of new, non-randomised methods for clinical development, an issue with not yet available answers and that need to be addressed in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry