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EIPG: 2019 was about Brexit, 2020 was about Covid-19. What will 2021 be about?

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, and work and the entire world is witnessing its resurgence after the first wave. A look back on the year in a reflection message by the Vice-president Communications of EIPG. EIPG Vice-President European Affairs Mr. Maurizio Battistini was invited to participate in a webinar entitled “Diversification of the medicines supply chain” in the context of medicine shortages, co-organised by GIRP, EAHP, and PGEU. Follow EMA’s social media campaign on COVID-19 vaccines

Hungary: Logistic challenges in the pharma industry due to Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many disruptions of the pharmaceutical supply chains, both at the international and EU cross-borders levels. The implementation of new models to handle logistics in this essential sector may represent an opportunity for the future

The new European Education Area

Six key principles inspire the EU Commission's new Communication establishing the European Education Area, the reference framework that will reshape educational activities in coming years

Regulatory sandboxes to experiment real-world innovation

Regulatory sandboxes and experimentation clauses are the tools the EU Commission may implement to favour the real-world testing - limited in time and scope - of new technologies and services

The EU Commission published the new Pharmaceutical Strategy

The new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy will inspire all the future actions the Commission is planning to sustain and expand this key sector of the European economy, and it will act in conjunction to other pieces of new legislation

Malta: Developments in Article 126a Authorisations in Malta

Dr Anthia A Zammit discusses the latest developments in Article 126a Authorisations in Malta. The related authorisation procedure has changed since 1 October 2020. Article 126a is now considered as the last resort option, if no other type of authorisation procedure is available

EIPG: The role of pharmacy during Covid-19

The last webinar of 2020 chaired by executive director of EIPG, Mrs. Jane Nicholson, was held in conjunction with PIER and University College Cork on Tuesday 24th November 2020 on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. Professor Gino Martini, past EIPG president and Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society reflects on the role of pharmacy during COVID-19. At a latest report published during November 2020, at Europol website, some of the key findings are related to Pharma sector and other activities involving pharmaceutical or health products

A new Strategic Agenda for cell-based interceptive medicine

The LifeTime Initiative has launched its ten years roadmap for research in the new area of cell-based interceptive medicine. The ambitious goal is to precisely map the trajectory of diseases in five main therapeutic areas up to the single cell level, in order to select the best available treatment for each patient

Updates on the activities of the EU’s Pharmaceutical Committee

The 90th meeting of the European Pharmaceutical Committee discussed the mandates of the ad-hoc working groups for vulnerabilities in the supply chain and for pharmaceuticals in the environment

Barriers to generic and biosimilar entry on the market

Secondary and divisional patents, patents thickets and patent linkage are just some examples of the many tools the innovator industry uses to delay the entry on the market of new generic and biosimilar drugs, explains a white paper published by Medicines for Europe