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The technological agenda of the next EU Council’s presidencies

Germany is leading the new EU's Trio presidency, including also Portugal and Slovenia for the following semesters. The Trio's new technological agenda is aligned with the EU's Industrial Strategy and aims to redesign the entire framework for research and innovation

Consultation open on the new Pharmaceutical Strategy

The EU Commission has launched the consultation on its new Pharmaceutical Strategy, which will reamin open to comments up to 15 September 2020. All stakeholders can answer the questionnaire available on consultation's dedicated webpage

Qdots and the new era of precision electronic medicine

Qdots and precision electronic medicine are based on nanotechnologies and aim to provide very selective and targeted interventions in the medicinal field, for example to treat neurodegenerative disorder, restore brain communication and offer new therapeutic options for cancer

Belgium: Covid effect on freelance QP and RP-GDP activities

Freelancers board memberes of the Belgian UPIP-VAPI Industrial Pharmacists association tell about how the Covid emergency impacted on their daily QP and RP-GDP activities during the lockdown

EIPG Virtual General Assembly 2020

A short report of EIPG’s first ever Virtual General Assembly. Anni Svala (Finland) and Giorgos Panoutsopoulos (Greece) were unanimously re-elected to their previously held posts for another 3 years mandate

EIPG: General Assembly, Annex 1 consultation and new ICH S5 (R3) guideline

The EIPG Bureau has decided to avail itself of the derogation granted to all organisations registered under French law to hold a digital General Assembly as this year, due to the COVID situation, EIPG was forced to postpone the General Assembly due to be held in the Netherlands and hosted by our Dutch colleagues of NIA. Be informed of open consultations and guidelines coming into effect within July

Latvia’s new Medicines reimbursement system and Medicinal Products Register

The new prescription modalities launched at the beginning of April are based on the INN names of active ingredients. A Medicinal Products Register is accessible from the website of the Latvia's regulatory agency SAM to search for the availability of medicinal products

How the pandemic will boost digital transformation

Smart manufacturing is expected to become the new normal, with smaller productive plants located closer to customers. The digital transition requires a careful planning and a smooth integration of legacy industrial and new AI-based systems

The importance of early interactions between regulators and pharma industry

Early interactions are very important to develop post-licensing evidence generation plans aimed to collect real-world evidence on safety and efficacy of newly approved medicines. Two articles by EMA discusses how to approach early interactions in order to streamline PLEG planning and validation of digital technologies

New market opportunities in the post-pandemic era

The Covid-19 emergency has boosted the transition to new modalities of interaction at all level in the pharmaceutical sector, from clinical trials to patients' monitoring and supply chain management. The Rx and OTC segments showed different performances during the lockdown and new launches had to be postponed. A series of reports from IQVIA analysed the main trends in the different geographical areas