Envi committee final opinion on the SPC manufacturing waiver makes genericists...

The ENVI Committee’s adoption of the Compromise Amendments on the SPC manufacturing waiver proposed regulation make genericists happy and originator disappointed.

The first personalised 3D-printed dietary supplements are on the market

The controlled-release capsules obtained by additive manufacturing have been developed in the US by two Italian researchers, Alice Melocchi and Federico Parietti. Multiply Labs,...

Glabal Report

Trends and drivers of the sports nutrition industry

Food supplements for sports represent a very dynamic category and appreciated by consumers of food supplements. According to data from Euromonitor International, the sports supplement market will continue to grow all over the world.

Global oral solid dosage pharma formulation market projections

The global oral solid dosage pharmaceutical formulation market to grow from US$ 493.2 Bn in 2017 to US$ 926.3 Bn by 2027 end. This represents a value CAGR of 6.5% over the forecast period 2017– 2027. Several important factors drive this growth.



Door-to-door distribution channel for supplements market

The direct door-to-door selling channel for supplements seems to grow. This data arrived from the Italian Integrators - AIIPA (New Line Market Research data) and AVEDISCO.

Innovation in packaging

A complete range of packaging services for all pharmaceutical forms, with reliability guaranteed by over...

Viela Bio, a new biotech company of the AstraZeneca’s galaxy

Viela Bio is a new, independent biotech company born from MedImmune - AstraZeneca’s global biologics research...

Pre-seed investments in Israel for Merck

ExploreBio is the new pre-seed-investment vehicle targeted at funding biotech early-stage companies and providing also management...

Acquisition for Roche in e-health records management

The Swiss big pharma company Roche has acquired the 100% shares of Flatiron Health, a...

A new biotech facility for Ferring

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is going to invest approx. CHF 30 million to built its new Ferring...