Formulation development: which is the direction?

We are in the era of controlled release formulations, but new emerging technologies are coming, such as fixed dose combinations or those with dual release profile

Envi committee final opinion on the SPC manufacturing waiver makes genericists...

The ENVI Committee’s adoption of the Compromise Amendments on the SPC manufacturing waiver proposed regulation make genericists happy and originator disappointed.

Glabal Report

Job market in Life Science sector

A sample of Italian workers have been involved in the research "Talents in the Life Science 2018" of Kelly Services, according to which about two thirds (67%) of the respondents work with contractual forms different from the permanent one

Medical devices in 2030

Shift the focus from cost to value. An analisys of medical device markets and industry direction of next years, till 2030.



Packaging and green economy

The main producers are adapting to new green economy requirements and the packaging of pharmaceutical products are made using recyclable materials such us plastic, paper, glass and aluminum

New rules on safety features

Falsified medicines are often disguised as authentic medicines but may contain ingredients of bad or toxic quality, or in the wrong dosage. As they have not been properly checked for quality, safety and efficacy, as required by strict EU authorisation, they can pose a real risk to your health

Blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical logistics industry

The potential of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical logistics industry is significant; however, the transition to the effective adoption of these new solutions will require further technological development and the willingness to collaborate on the part of all the actors involved

Looking for philosopher’s stone

Next generation biotech could allow 200 years to live in the coming years. Based on Kris Verburgh, medical doctor interested in preventative medicine and aging and author of The Longevity Code "In the near future, we will see a new biotech age unfolding, in which our health, bodies and lifespan will drastically change"

Door-to-door distribution channel for supplements market

The direct door-to-door selling channel for supplements seems to grow. This data arrived from the Italian Integrators - AIIPA (New Line Market Research data) and AVEDISCO.

Innovation in packaging

A complete range of packaging services for all pharmaceutical forms, with reliability guaranteed by over...