MRA agreement signed between the US and the Swiss Confederation

The mutual recognition of GMPs inspections fo pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities between the US and the Swiss Confederation has been established by the signature on 12 January 2023 of a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The Access Consortium to rely more on GMP inspections of its...

The Access Consortium - founded in 2007 by regulatory authorities from Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, and recently joined also by UK’s MHRA - published a Statement to affirm the reliance of its members on GMP inspections carried out by other members of the consortium

Glabal Report

Job market in Life Science sector

A sample of Italian workers have been involved in the research "Talents in the Life Science 2018" of Kelly Services, according to which about two thirds (67%) of the respondents work with contractual forms different from the permanent one

Medical devices in 2030

Shift the focus from cost to value. An analisys of medical device markets and industry direction of next years, till 2030.



HAZEL® GATEWAY GW-MB1: simplify the validation of recovery times in airlocks

Dos&Donts has decades of experience in the design and production of control systems for airlocks; as a part of its articulate Pharma 4.0 development programme, it proposes a solution to make simple and immediately validable the update of recovery times, without intervention of specialised personnel and without need to stop the production cycles.

Real-time control of the access to cleanrooms

The new industrial paradigm of digital integration is yet well established in the pharmaceutical sector,...

Time measures in the clean room 4.0 environment

Hazel® Tempus is a smart wall clock specifically designed to be used within sterile industrial environments to precisely indicate time along all the different steps of the manufacturing process. In can be used as an element of the Hazel®  smart platform, or as a single device to be integrated with other smart devices

Environment controls: an Industry 4.0 approach

The digital integration of different single control systems operating within a production environment is a key feature of the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Dos & Donts developed the Hazel® platform to support the needs of the pharmaceutical industry of a better integration and communication of systems, especially to control the strictly regulated cleanroom environment

IRIS guide to the platform for parallel distribution industry users

The new IT platform launched by the European Medicines Agency is based on the Iris Regulatory & Scientific Information Management Platform, to directly and safely manage notifications of medicinal products intended for parallel distribution

Packaging and green economy

The main producers are adapting to new green economy requirements and the packaging of pharmaceutical products are made using recyclable materials such us plastic, paper, glass and aluminum