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Αccelerated assessment of PRIority Medicines (the PRIME programme)

Two years have gone since the launch of EMA’s PRIority Medicines scheme (PRIME). The Agency has published a report discussing its current state of implementation and suggesting opportunities to further improve the approval of innovative medicines for unmet medical needs

EU’s proposal of an SPC manufacturing waiver

The European Commission has formalised its proposal for an SPC manufacturing waiver. Debate is undergoing both at the European Parliament and associations representative of the different perspectives of originators' and generics' industries. Competitiveness, IP protection and research-based knowledge economy are at the center of comments issued by the interested parties

How artificial intelligence is changing the pharmaceutical industry

Artificial intelligence is deploying its full potential on the pharmaceutical industry, as machine learning and deep learning algorithms are opening new frontiers for drug discovery and diagnosis. Logistics and the provision of healthcare services shall also benefit from the new model, which is expected to impact also on the activities of pharmacies

Focus on EU’s Countries: EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment

The European Commission adopted the draft text of the new HTA regulation, which is expected to be examined and finally approved by the Parliament and Council of Europe by 2019. Committees of the European Parliament advanced their comments to the text, which aims to harmonise the current fragmented situation of HTA at the European level

European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA)

President Črtomir Fleisinger presents the vision and activities of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA), representing 37 countries and 160.000 European pharmaceutical students. A strong collaboration is also established with EIPG in prefer to better inform its members about the possibilities offered to Pharmacy students within the industry.

The Joint Declaration on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

EFPIA and many other industrial and professional associations signed the "Joint Declaration for Pharmaceuticals in the Environment", asking the EU Commission a transparent and collaborative dialogue during the drafting of the new European strategy to prevent risk for the environment

Redistribution of the UK centrally authorised product portfolio

The expertise of the different national competent authorities of the European network, the workload associated with each product and its legal basis are the main criteria established by EMA to redistribute the UK centrally authorised product portfolio as part of the preparation to the Brexit

Monthly update from EIPG – May 2018

Many themes have been discussed at the EIPG General Assembly 2018, that took place in Casablanca, Morocco, on 4-6 May. EIPG Executive Director Jane Nicholson reports on reached achievements and plans for the future

From Bulgaria: Access to medicines at the center of the Bulgarian presidency of the...

Access to medicines is at the center of the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council and related issues have been discussed during the Conference organised in Sofia on March 6th

EU Commission’s report on the off-label use of pharmaceuticals

The European Commission has published a report on the off-label use of pharmaceuticals, discussing the current framework and possible future options to better regulate the access to medicines for not approved indications